Michael Good, R.N.

Research Coordinator – CyberKnife Nurse

Michael is the CyberKnife Clinic Nurse Navigator. After receiving his bachelor’s degree in nursing from the University of Maryland, he started his career as an Oncology Nurse at Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. Upon moving to Philadelphia, he obtained his master’s degree in counseling and has adapted this degree in his work with cancer patients. With over 30 years of oncology experience, Michael has managed both patients and staff in medical oncology and radiation oncology. After 20 years in the radiation oncology field, he now specializes in stereotactic radiation therapy at Philadelphia CyberKnife.

As the CyberKnife Nurse, Michael provides clinical support and coordination of care for our patients beginning with the first consultation visit, throughout the treatment schedule and continuing to the follow-up appointments with your CyberKnife physician. Michael assesses patients in consultation with the CyberKnife radiation oncologist, coordinates appointments and treatment schedules, educates and supports patients and families in preparation for treatment, including symptom management and survivorship.