Philadelphia CyberKnife Hosts Survivorship Celebration

On Thursday, September 8, the physicians and staff from Philadelphia CyberKnife hosted a survivorship celebration to recognize and honor the cancer survivors treated at the center. 

The event, held from 5 – 7 p.m. at the Philadelphia CyberKnife center, welcomed cancer survivors, their caregivers, and friends and family members. 

The event was timely because according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the leading national public health institute of the United States, people are living longer after a cancer diagnosis.  Cancer survivors are living longer after diagnosis because of advances in early detection and treatment, and improvements in medical and other health care services, and the disease is increasingly becoming a chronic illness that can be treated and lived with.  

At the celebration, Dr. John Lamond, Medical Director at Philadelphia CyberKnife, and Dr. Rachelle Lanciano, Clinical Outcomes Research at Philadelphia CyberKnife, spoke about the important research that is conducted at Philadelphia CyberKnife and how each patient has contributed to the CyberKnife experience that helps Philadelphia CyberKnife continually improve their patient care which leads to a better understanding of stereotactic radiation treatment and its impact on patients’ lives. 

The night was a success with over 70 people in attendance.  Philadelphia CyberKnife was honored to be able to host the event as a tribute to all of the survivors. 

One of the participants who attended the celebration, said, “Spending time in your office with the physicians and staff, over some delicious food selections, gave us a deep appreciation for the invaluable treatment from which we all benefited.  My wife and I will always speak proudly and admirably of your facility, your services, and your professional staff across the board.”  

Photo caption:  Attendees at Philadelphia CyberKnife’s Survivorship Celebration