Philadelphia CyberKnife Physicians’ Research Highlighted in Medical Publications

The research of the CyberKnife physician team was recently published in Frontiers in Oncology. Dr. Rachelle Lanciano, Dr. John Lamond, Dr. Steve Arrigo, Dr. Luther Brady, CyberKnife nurse Michael Good, and medical physicists Jing Feng and Jun Yang studied the effects of CyberKnife treatment on patients with liver metastases and liver tumors. The study, titled “Stereotactic body radiation therapy for patients with heavily pretreated liver metastases and liver tumors,” found that CyberKnife is an effective treatment option for those with liver tumors that are medically inoperable.

The Journal of Radiation Oncology published “Experience using frameless fractionated radiosurgery for the treatment of orbital and ocular tumors” by Dr. Lamond, Dr. Lanciano, Dr. Brady and medical physicist Jun Yang. The study analyzed the effects of CyberKnife treatment on patients with orbital and ocular tumors. The study found CyberKnife to be a competitive option for patients seeking treatment for orbital and periorbital tumors due to the accuracy and convenience of treatment.

To read the complete studies, see the Our Research section.