Prostate Cancer Choice: Philadelphia CyberKnife

Watch Philadelphia CyberKnife Medical Director John Lamond, M.D. talk about how Philadelphia CyberKnife was the first to bring CyberKnife technology to the greater Philadelphia region over ten years ago. They are the most experienced CyberKnife team in the area and you can trust them to treat your prostate cancer in five nonsurgical treatment sessions. It’s Your Prostate. Your Cancer. Your Choice.

Philadelphia CyberKnife prostate cancer treatment commercial

Watch Philadelphia CyberKnife’s new prostate cancer commercial featuring prostate CyberKnife patient, Jim McCabe, talk about how his prostate cancer was treated in the morning, and he was playing golf in the afternoon. When it comes to prostate cancer treatment, know your options.

Philadelphia CyberKnife commercial: Know Your Options

Check out the new television commercial for Philadelphia CyberKnife, featuring Radiation Oncologist and Philadelphia CyberKnife Medical Director Dr. John Lamond, and find out why CyberKnife won’t be like any other cancer treatment you can imagine.

Dr. Rachelle Lanciano’s video bio

Watch Philadelphia CyberKnife Radiation Oncologist Rachelle M. Lanciano M.D. talk why she became a radiation oncologist, what she loves most about taking care of patients, what she is most proud of, her goals, and much more. Born, raised, and trained in Pennsylvania, Dr. Lanciano’s patients can expect her to be a warm and caring physician who will give you and your family the time you need to understand what lies ahead in the treatment process. She will be your advocate and will help negotiate you through radiation treatment and survivorship.

The CyberKnife Experience

Watch Philadelphia CyberKnife radiation oncologists explain how the CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System treats cancer and listen to prostate cancer survivors talk about their CyberKnife experience. This nonsurgical state-of-the-art technology treats cancer faster than conventional radiation therapy with no anesthesia or hospitalization required. Patients feel no pain and return to normal daily activities immediately. When it comes to cancer treatment, know your options. Learn more about CyberKnife today!

Philadelphia CyberKnife: Ken’s Story

Watch lung cancer survivor and Philadelphia CyberKnife patient, Kenneth Lenton, talk about his experience receiving CyberKnife treatment for lung cancer. After having gone through chemotherapy and surgery for stage III cancer in his left lung, Ken opted for CyberKnife treatment when the cancer returned five years later to his right lung. Ken said the difference between CyberKnife and his previous treatments was unbelievable. CyberKnife was only five treatments versus numerous trips for hours of chemo, and Ken said the CyberKnife treatment was easy and painless. He also said that the staff at Philadelphia CyberKnife was awesome and they made him very comfortable and at ease.

Treatment Without Pain

Watch prostate cancer survivors Stephen Komm, Roddie Williams, Wayne Vincent, and James McCabe talk about how they experienced no pain and minimal side effects that were very mild and manageable with their CyberKnife treatment for prostate cancer.

Prostate Patient Testimonials

Watch Philadelphia CyberKnife prostate cancer survivors, James McCabe, Roddie Williams, and Wayne Vincent, talk about their CyberKnife experience and how their prostate cancer was quickly treated in 5 one-hour visits, saving them time and letting them get back to their daily routines.

Prostate Patient Testimonial: Jim’s Story

Watch as prostate cancer survivor, James McCabe, shares his story about getting CyberKnife® treatment at Philadelphia CyberKnife. James talks about how the entire treatment process was only five visits compared to the usual 40 you have with conventional radiation therapy. James said his treatments were painless, and there was no anesthesia or cutting involved. He was comfortable the entire time he was being treated and the side effects were so minor that they didn’t slow him down or interrupt his life. He didn’t even miss a round of golf! James recommends CyberKnife treatment to anyone looking for cancer treatment options. He said that it is truly “Cutting Edge Technology without the Cutting.”

Dr. Lanciano’s interview with 94.1 WIP

Watch Dr. Rachelle M. Lanciano’s interview with Glen Macnow from 94.1 WIP Sports Radio. Dr. Lanciano explains how the CyberKnife® Robotic Radiosurgery System works and discusses why outcomes research is important to the goal of moving cancer treatment forward.

Dr. Lamond and Glen Macnow discuss Prostate Cancer

Dr. John Lamond from Philadelphia CyberKnife and Glen Macnow from 94.1 WIP Sports Radio discuss prostate cancer and how it is treated with CyberKnife.

Dr. Lanciano and Glen Macnow discuss Prostate Cancer

Watch Rachelle M. Lanciano, M.D., Radiation Oncologist at Philadelphia CyberKnife, and Glen Macnow from 94.1 WIP Sports Radio discuss Glen’s father’s battle with prostate cancer, how CyberKnife treats this type of cancer, and the benefits for prostate cancer patients using CyberKnife technology.

Dr. Lamond’s interview with Glen Macnow from 94.1 WIP

Watch John Lamond M.D., Medical Director at Philadelphia CyberKnife, discuss how cancer treatments are changing and more people are surviving longer with cancer.

Metastatic Cancer Patient Testimonial

CyberKnife was the most amazing treatment I had ever experienced. It was a piece of cake and walk in the park compared to past treatments I had undergone.

Dr. William Ding Explains CyberKnife on Talk Philly

Radiation Oncologist Dr. Ding explains the advantages of CyberKnife for cancer patients, including those with prostate cancer or recurrent tumors.

CyberKnife Patient Testimonial

The only thing you can lose is the tumor you are trying to lose. Thats it, in a nutshell. I’m living proof that it actually works.

Lung Cancer Patient Testimonial

CyberKnife was great. There were no side effects, and it was a lot better than surgery.

Prostate Cancer Patient Testimonial

I’m totally happy with my experience with the entire staff. I really think that CyberKnife will be the procedure of choice for years to come.

Trigeminal Neuralgia Patient Testimonial

The CyberKnife staff is really knowledgeable about what they do. I would definitely recommend CyberKnife to relieve Trigeminal Neuralgia pain.

Brain Tumor Patient Testimonial

During treatment, I felt very calm, safe and relaxed.

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